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5 Wedding Catering Tips for the Smart Bride

Ask any bride and wedding catering Melbourne company how stressful planning a menu for the big day is, and you’ll probably get similar answers – VERY! Food and drinks can take up a huge chunk of the budget and time spent planning for your big day so it’s no wonder you and your caterer can be under a lot of pressure. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

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These smart tips can bring out your creativity and resourcefulness and help make the planning and preparation a lot less stressful.

1. Follow up RSVPs diligently

Your wedding catering Melbourne planners can be very flexible when planning an appetising and special menu even on a budget. However, in order to successfully do that, they need to know how many people they have to feed. They should also have a heads up in case any of your guests have special dietary needs.

Set a deadline for RSVP replies and make sure to ask your guests to specify any special dietary requirements together with their confirmation.

2. Go for cocktail food catering

Wedding finger food is becoming a more popular option, especially for a more informal reception or for a backyard event. You can do away with the buffet or plated course style and serve hors-d’ouevres and other finger foods together with cocktails. See more at Essential Catering + Events

Aside from saving on food, you also create a setting which is more conducive for mingling and which is easier for everyone to participate in the festivities. Plus, since you won’t need big tables and a lot of chairs for this set-up, you can have your wedding at a smaller venue (more savings!) and fit more people.

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3. Go regional and seasonal

Not only is local and in-season produce more cost effective but it also tastes better. It can also be a great way to tie in your food with your overall theme. How yummy would it be to serve pumpkin pie or spiced apple doughnuts for an autumn wedding? Wedding catering Melbourne specialists can come up with innovative and exciting menus using regional and seasonal ingredients. read more